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Start a New Campaign
You can quickly start expanding your business and have a full-fledged online campaign without having to deal with the hassle of maintaining and investing in an crowdfunding website for your projects. So, start setting up your business in our marketplace.
Multi Support
Our company does not want to be in a single-vendor lock-in arrangement, Multi-vendor support setups bring a numerous of benefits thus we provide Multi-vendor/seller support.
Direct Links to buyers from China & other Asia countries
Since trust is important, a lot of Chinese buyers would prefer to buy real estate via Chinese website. Especially someone without good English. Your campaign project will be presented with multi-language and directly post to China and other countries by our marketing force.
Various Invoice Generation Option
Having well presented and easy to understand invoices will make you look more professional, so we will provide various invoice generation option making sure that you are using the right invoicing tool.
Campaign & Management
Customers spend more time researching projects online before they invest. This makes quality content on your crowdfunding project more important than ever. It's all a part of a better customer experience, which can lead to an increase in your business. For example, our 3-tiers investor database provide wider range support to your project.Generally, our ERP based solution offer better management system than any other none ERPs.
View Other Seller Profile
The marketplace is made up of items offered by a variety of different merchants, both companies, and individuals. Now you can take a peek inside their seller profile and look at what other sellers are selling.
Real UI stylish Internal Report With Website Toggle Bar
Investors spend a lot of time in their investment, so they would like to see something with good structure,better organized. They even want to see it at once even they are not in front of computers. So here is one of the backend samples with mobile vision. You can see the reports by move the toggle bar on your cellphone.