This SAAS POS solution is working for small or medium restaurant with good potential, please check the details first then talk. We will do wechat marketing and wechat applets as a group (联盟营销) on our platform.We may have the same dishes and pictures for customers in different areas.And we may have our network to get more people into our group.

To bigger restaurants, modern POS solution trend is working with private traffic (私域流量 Example:wechat public marketing) and Applets (小程序 Example:wechat Applets). We can make the customerized solution for you, even a chain restaurant platform, but before this, please check the main framework from the one of world top ERP systems. To sure you are on the same movement, We will open demo account for you soon.

How to use outline

If you located in England/Australia/Russia, it's simple and just need to change accounting chart with tax setting, even language. It's SAAS service for different companies. If you have 18 tables, 4 waiters/waitresses, you may need 4 Ipads for your guys (urgently, just any cell phone), 2 touch screen computers for front and kitchen. Or even you may add a big screen in front of customers like Mcdonalds.It's OK. Your waiters/waitresses can enter the order and click kitchen button to send it, the cook manager can see it in kitchen at once and prepare then send out. The orders are ranked by order made time.Your can use printers if you like.It's easier to know how to add product and combo in our system.And you can see the most detailed reports for your business,for example:tips for who. If you have more than one company, we can even make chain business solution for you.Customers can also make orders by scan wechat QR code on table. We will cover it in our wechat section.

Family one login Demo: password:123123, second password 1234, third login, just pin:1234, this is a solution with cellphone(save money) pos terminal for small business in cash, the advanced solution login will be under inquiry.In this simple solution, the restaurant can get online orders.Just need to set alarm when order to your email.Sample:

Business scene: A restaurant managed by a family group with 6-10 people, 2 in front, one manager in between.You need to login into your 2-3 ipads(can include cellphones) in the morning, and forbidden anyone to close the session without you. And, you will take money when you login and close session,in this time, please your box to check the numbers everyday.When you login on, you need to click the point of sale in the left bar, and new session under pos1,then open session>continute selling, in the open POS screen, you need enter the second login, after this, you select the dishes and click kitchen to send. If you want to check rank of dishes,first click the button on upleft, you need third login, enter pin:1234. When you prepare the foods, you can click and check the dishes, then send back. You can even have a large screen for it...

Advanced Demo with multiple logins,every thing same about the password, but it is not a single login for family memeber, there are more logins for standard business, check the,,, you will find the cashier or manager send orders to kitchen by clicking the kitchen on left menu and cooker will find it at once.Seriously? we will do another sample POS2 Shop with different products and display soon.

About Tips, you need to add it by adding another line(click cash1) in the payment, click the tip on the right,put in number and confirm it. To sure the tips to the right person, in order detail page, you will find the desk number about tips on the upper right. Split is very simple......

  • Login Screen (User Name And Security PIN) and only manager can close the session(with login, even 2 step login)
  • Home Screen
  • Display Products Category Wise
  • Customer Screen
  • Product Screen
  • Create Product
  • Products Display in Listview
  • Payment Screen
  • Cart Details
  • POS Combo

    Create combo product/ Edit combo product/ Hide product uom/ Print combo product details on receipt
  • User can set configuration to enable this feature.
  • Create Combo Product
  • Select combo product, open popup of combo product.
  • Combo product details added to cart.
  • Click edit button for edit selected combo products.
  • Editable combo product details added to cart.
  • Combo product print on receipt.
  • POS Order with combo product details.
  • Product Modifiers

    Create product modifier/ Modifier add or delete from product/ Product modifier details print on receipt
  • Create Product Modifiers.
  • Add modifiers in product.
  • Product Modifire detail printed on receipt.
  • Kitchen Screen

    Kitchen screen is for staff to see order that has been placed./ It will also show particular table orders./ Kitchen screen has two User Category: Cook and Manager./ Cook can only see order of specified categories./ Manger can see all orders and table orders.
  • To enable kitchen Screen view, here is the configuration.
  • You can set kitchen screen user as Cook or Manger and assign categories by which you can give right to see order that belogs to given category.
  • Product add to cart and click kitchen button for simply place order and it will be send to kitchen.
  • Click kitchen view to view screen shown below.
  • This view is only visible to Manger(with pin).You can see order note below the order in red line.
  • By clicking on information icon you can see table order note.
  • Manger can also see list view of orders.
  • Click confirm button to change state waiting to delivering.
  • Cook can login to session and redirect to kitchen Screen.
  • As per order progress cook can update state.
  • Once you enable timer in kitchen then you can show cooking time in kitchen screen.
  • You just need to define "Making Time" in product form view for particular product. Ex. Burger 10 Min, Pizza 30 Min like
  • Once order will send in kitchen screen then order products cooking time will calculate and show total time to cook user.
  • Once order time is over then kitchen kanban view color will change and highlighted to cook user.
  • Credit / Debit Management

  • User can set configuration to enable this feature.
  • Credit Management

  • User can give credit amount and also pay the due amount of POS order.
  • Customer credit amount details printed on receipt.
  • In back-end entry of customer credit details is here.
  • User can pay the amount of POS order using customer credit amount.
  • Customer Credit details printed on receipt.
  • If user pay full amount of POS order then entry of POS order in paid state.
  • Debit Management

  • Click on debit button to create draft order.
  • In back-end entry of pos order in new state.
  • Using pay debit button user can pay the due amount of POS order.
  • If user pay full amount of POS order then entry of POS order in paid state.
  • If over customer debit limit then display alert message.
  • Add Product Note
  • Added product note in orderline.
  • Add Order Note
  • POS Order note and Product Note is printed on receipt.
  • Bag Charges
  • Bag Charges Applied in Cart.
  • POS Bag charges is printed on receipt.
  • Warehouse Product Quantity
  • Customer Display.
  • Lock POS Screen Popup
  • Lock POS Screen
  • Delivery Charges

    Configure delivery user/ Flow of delivery order/ Assign delivery user for deliver items
  • For create delivery user just create new user and go to point of sale tab inside user form view and set user role as a "Delivery User".
  • For delivery order, just add products on cart and click on delivery button on left menu.
  • Then click on payment button and just need to add delivery details as highlighted on below screenshot.
  • You can make draft order and paid order of delivery order.
  • You can also see delivery details on receipt also.
  • Once delivery user login then he/she can able to see delivery orders and perform operations based on delivery done.
  • Order Screen
  • Product Return
  • Product Return Order Popup
  • Internal Transfer

  • Transfer Products between Internal Location
  • By click on link Navigate to Transfer directly.
  • Created Internal Tranfer.
  • Gift Card

    Create Gift Card/ Edit Gift Card/ Recharge Gift Card/ Exchange Gift Card/ How to use Gift Card
  • Create Gift Card
  • There are two type of cards, Free and Paid.
  • Here we can see the popup for create paid gift card.
  • Here is confirmation popup before going to create paid gift card.
  • Paid Giftcard detail is printed on receipt.
  • Here we can see the popup for create free gift card in below image.
  • Giftcard detail is printed on receipt.
  • Gift Card Screen
  • Edit Gift Card
  • Recharge Gift Card
  • Here is confirmation popup before going to recharge card.
  • Recharge Giftcard details is printed on receipt.
  • Exchange Gift Card
  • How to Redeem Gift Card.
  • We can see all gift card history as per bellow image.
  • We can see card history as per bellow image.
  • We can see card usage history.
  • We can see card recharge history.
  • We can define card type with name and code.
  • Gift Voucher

    How to Create Gift Voucher/ How to Use Gift Voucher
    Redemption Order: User can apply particular voucher (n) number of times in single order./ Redemption Customer: Customer can use particular voucher (n) number of times.
  • Create Gift Voucher
  • Gift Voucher Screen
  • How to Redeem Gift Voucher
  • Redeem Voucher by scanning barcode.
  • After Redeem Gift Voucher.
  • Gift Voucher Information printed on receipt.
  • Voucher Redeemption information.
  • All Voucher Redeemption information.
  • Out of Stock

    Create Purchse Order/ Print POS or Thermal Receipt of Out of Stock Products
  • Out of Stock Product Screen in Kanban View.
  • Out of Stock Product Screen in List View.
  • Select products and print POS or Thermal Receipt for out of stock product.
  • Out of stock product is printed on receipt.
  • Create Purchase Order.
  • We can see purchase order created as per bellow image.
  • Wallet Management

    Customer wallet information print on receipt./ How to use customer wallet
  • Add to wallet amount is printed on receipt.
  • How to Use Wallet.
  • Information of perticular customer wallet in below image.
  • Information of wallet details in below image.
  • Money In/Out From Cash Drawer

  • While click on money in or take money out, popup will appear ask for reason and amount for the transaction.
  • Put Money In details printed on receipt.
  • Take Money Out details printed on receipt.
  • Promotion

    Create Promotion/ Print promotion details on receipt
  • Create Promotion.
  • User can see applied promotion on cart.
  • Applied promotions can also be seen on the Receipt Screen.
  • Broadcast Messages & Multi Terminal Lock
  • Popup for close session or logout from POS.
  • Closing Cash Cotrol Popup
  • Credit/Debit Management

    Sale product to customers on Credit/Debit
  • Customer pay advance amount and we add that amount in customer's Credit accont.
  • If Customer having credit amount then that customer can pay order by Credit amount.
  • Add Credit amount to customer account.
  • Credit amount receipt.
  • Pay order with credit amount.
  • Customer can purchase products based on assigned Debit limit.
  • We can assign Debit limit to customer.
  • Customer can pay due amount and unlock the Debit limit.
  • Pay Due amount and unlock Debit limit.
  • Pay Debit amount receipt.
  • Token Number Generator

  • Once you enable token generate feature from pos config then you can able to use this feature.
  • You can also define last token number in point of sale settings.
  • If you does't define last token number then it will take default 999 number.
  • Once complete last token number then it will again start from 1 number.
  • You can also print separate receipt of token number based on configuration.
  • First add products in cart and make payment of order.
  • Once you make payment of order then receipt will show and you can see generated token number in it.
  • Also print another receipt with token number and other details.
  • Also token number will print in kitchen screen also as per below image.
  • Reports

    POS Graph View Report/ X-Report/ Today Sale Report/ Z-Report/ Sales Summary/ Payment Summary/ Products Summary/ Orders Summary/ Session & Inventory Audit Report
  • POS Graph
  • X-Report
  • Today Sale Report
  • Payment Summary
  • Salesperson wise print summary
    Journal wise print summary
  • Products Summary
  • Orders Summary
  • Session and Inventory Audit Report
  • Once you click on "Session and Inventory Report" you can see list of pos session which is currently running.
    Once you click on "Location" tab then you can see list of locations./ Also you can see pos thermal print button and pdf print button./ Once you click on thermal button report will be printed on thermal and this button will be visible once you will be connected with PosBox.

    Accounting Reports

  • Here you can see PDF and XLS reports.
  • Partner Ledger Report

    General Ledger Report

    Trial Balance Report

    Balance Sheet

    Profit/Loss Report

    Aged Receivable Report

    Aged Payble Report

    Tax Report

    Non Moving Stock Report

  • Go to Inventory > Reporting > Non Moving Stock
  • Define Report Criteria.
  • PDF file.
  • XLS file.
  • Group By product category.
  • Select the groups from configuration to send the mail to users who belong to that groups.
  • You can send the email using send mail button.
  • Product Expiry Report

  • User need to enable Lots & Serial Numbers and Expiration Dates from Inventory/Settings/Traceability.
  • After selecting select the "Reporting" tab and then select the "Product Expiry Report" menu to open a wizard.
  • Enter "Generate Report For(Days)" for display products which are being expiring expiring during entered days.And select "Group By" option by which you want to do group by of data.You can group by(Location) or group by(Category)
  • If you want to display data of specified location then select locations in "Location" field.If you want to display products of all locations which products are available then select nothing in "Category".To print report click on "Print PDF" or "Print Excel" button.
  • Display products which are group by "Location".
  • If you want to display data of specified category then select group by(Category)option and select categories in "Category" field.If you want to display products of all categories which products are available then select nothing in "Category".To print report click on "Print PDF" or "Print Excel" button.
  • Display data which is group by "Category".
  • Sales Dashboard

    Payment By Journals Report/ Today Hourly Sales Report/ Current Month Sales Report/ Last 12 Month Sales Report/ Product Wise Report/ Salesperson Wise Report
  • Payment By Journals Report
  • Today Hourly Sales Report
  • Current Month Sales Report
  • Last 12 Month Sales Report
  • Product Wise Report
  • Salesperson Wise Report
  • POS Dashboard

    Sales Report/ Payment By Journal/ Top 10 Customers, Sale By Salesman, Employee Working Hours/ Top Items by Sales/ Weekly Sales Details/ Daily Gross Sales/ Weekly Gross Sales
  • Sales Report
  • Payment By Journal
  • Top 10 Customers, Sale By Salesman, Employee Working Hours
  • Top Items by Sales
  • Weekly Sales Details
  • Daily Gross Sales
  • Weekly Gross Sales
  • Red Yellow Theme
  • Gray Theme
  • Multi Store

    User can create shop./ Shop can be assign to user based on user's company/ Switch one shop to another shop based on assigned shops./ Shop wise load product and category./ User can print receipt based on selection in POS configuration either company information or shop information.
  • As per below image you can create Shop from here.
  • Define shop in POS configuration.
  • Define shops in Company which will be allowed to that particular company .
  • You can assign shop to users based on the user's company.
  • User can define the product and categories which should be load for particular shop in POS.
  • Load product and categories which defined in stock location.
  • User can change shop from POS based on assigned shop.
  • You can give control of switch store to users.
  • For give control enable "Allow Switch Store" in user form view inside "Point of Sale" tab.
  • Print receipt with company details or shop details based on configuration.
  • Default Customer

  • As per below image you can set configuration to enable this feature.
  • Click on Default Customer to set customer in POS Screen and POS Configuration.
  • Order Synchronization

    Order Sync between Cashier and Assistant Cashier(Waiter)./ There is two type of user Cashier and Assistant Cashier./ Assistant cashier can be selected under cashier user role./ Assistant cashier only can take order from customer and sent to kitchen./ Cashier get instant notification as soon as assistant cashier send order to kitchen./ Once complete customer order then cashier can make payment from own pos./ Once cashier make payment from his pos then automatically order will destroy from assistant cashier pos screen.
  • Order Sync - Assistant Cashier configuraiton.
  • Order Sync - Cashier configuraiton.
  • Also enable order sync from pos configuration for cashier.
  • Assistent cashier take order from customer and send to kitchen.
  • Then cook user start order on kitchen screen and once complete send to waiter again.
  • Once cook user change state of order then assistant cashier and cashier can get live order status.
  • Cashier can also get notifications once order create or update by assistant cashier.
  • Once complete customer order then cashier can make payment from notification popup.
  • Login POS With RFID

    Cashier can login with RFID card inside point of sale./ RFID Device required, Make sure you have connected the RFID Device with the System.
  • Enable feature from point of sale settings.
  • Point Of Sale -> Settings -> RFID Pos Login.
  • In the Users form there is field for RFID, Put cursor on that field and scan RFID card with device.
  • Cashier can login by scanning the RFID card from the POS login page.
  • Product Variants

    Select variant product based on it's attributes

    Table Reservation

    Make table reservation/ View table reserved orders/ Allocate table reserved order/ Paid table reserved order
  • After enable configuration for table reservation then you can see button as per below image.
  • Once you will click on it then tabel reservation screen will open and you can see all reserved orders as well as you can make new table reservation order.
  • In below sceen there is some options for reserve table.
  • You just need to specify number of guest, datetime and duration for book table on restaurant.
  • Once you will click on 'Check Availablity' button tables will be visible based on search criteria.
  • Once tables will visible then you just need to select it and set some information like customer name and reservation fees.
  • Once you confirm then it will redirect to payment screen for make table reserve order.
  • For see reserved orders just need to click on 'Reservation' button from products screen and you will get result like this.
  • You can search reserved order by order name or customer name as well.
  • For start table reserved order just need to click on 'Allocate' button.
  • Once you will click on 'Allocate' button it will create draft order so you can use that order for serve meal to customer.
  • You can see allocated table reserve orders in quick order sync panel as below image and you can set order to start it.
  • As well as you can set order from order list screen.
  • Once you will click on payment button then order will set with table name and customer name.
  • You just need to add products or meal on cart and make payment for it.
  • Once you will make complete order with payment then table will free automatically.
  • Change User Pin(For POS)

  • Enable configuraiton from pos config to change user pin from point of sale.
  • You can get one button on pos for change pin from point of sale left sidebar.
  • Once you will click on 'Change Pin' button then there will be open popup and change pin from there.
  • Set Product Valid Days from Backend (POS Category or Product Wise)

  • Go to Point Of Sale > Product > Set Valid Days
  • Click on "Set Valid Days" open product set valid days wizard.
  • Chair Allocation

  • Enable configuraiton from pos config to create pos order while chair is free on point of sale.
  • Once you enable configuraiton and later on create order from pos if chair is not available then you will get message like below image.
  • Change Bill of Material

  • Enable 'Change Bom during order' from pos config to change BOM quantity from POS.
  • Product having BOM will have icon next to it and clicking it will open BOM details popup.
  • Product BOM details can also be seen on the receipt.
  • MO is created after order is sent to kitchen or payment of the order is done.
  • You can confirm MO from the Kitchen Screen by clicking 'Confirm'.
  • You can change the state to 'done' in MO from the Kitchen Screen by clicking 'Send'.